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With The Right Employers

In The Right Place And At The Right Time

Discover Unmatched Professional Staffing In Connecticut


The Haddington Recruiting Group is a premier employment agency that takes pride in facilitating its recruiting, staffing, job, employment, and consulting initiatives. The Haddington Recruiting Group was founded based on a community that rallied to support each other despite hardship. We take pride in providing and facilitating the best solutions to the hiring needs of companies and offer superior-quality professionals in healthcare, human resources, logistics, finance, and administration in the industry today. Since its inception, The Haddington Recruiting Group has been among the elites and has endeavored to help job seekers find rewarding work and clients see the right talent to grow their businesses. This commitment reflects our mission, vision, and core values. 


Whether you are starting your first job, taking the next step in your career, or a company looking to find the best hiring solutions, The Haddington Recruiting Group (THRG) will work with you to provide unsurpassed services in your specified industries. We are the bridge between employers and employees.


Provide the services that are relevant to your needs

Reliable, Consistent and Trustworthy

Trust us to provide to find the best candidate to fill a job vacancy or locate the best position for you in our network.  We are here to meet and exceed your expectations.  We will provide the services that are relevant to your needs.     

Our job is to match you with the best people, thus creating a perfect fit.

Thriving Work Culture

We strive to promote a thriving environment of culture that is positive, team-spirited, and diversified. The services we provide, the care we bestow and extend, show that we genuinely care. Our goal is to match employers with the best people, thus creating a perfect fit.

A career is a necessity for anyone looking for success

Promote Successful Progress

Finding the best talent take time, effort, and energy. We also recognize the progression of a career is a necessity for anyone looking for success.  We respect these endeavors and promote a successful relationship that can result in an equitable match for our clients.

Find Your Professional Staff Now

If you're interested in hiring healthcare, human resources, finance, Logistics, or IT staffing, we can make finding the perfect candidate fast and easy. Contact us to get started.

Industries We Serve

  • Healthcare 

  • Administrative 

  • Human Resources

  • Finance/Accounting

  • IT

  • Logistics & Distribution

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